Discover the smoked cocktails of mar&juana

One of the virtues of our drink mar&juana is the great variety of possibilities to mix and to obtain delicious cocktails.

Although it is a drink distilled from cane sugar and traditionally drunk with cola, or in the form of mojito (marojito as we call it), we bring you a different yet spectacular way to combine and get the most taste of mar&juana.

These are smoked cocktails, specifically in this article we will see how to prepare a smoked mar&tonic.

Smoked mar&tonic


  • Apple wood
  • Hemp
  • Wood chips for ignition
  • Ice
  • 50ml mar&juana
  • Tonic


  • We put the wood shavings and the apple tree wood on a slate plate and set fire to 🔥
  • Once it starts to burn we add the hemp and cover it with the glass facing downwards, we wait the smoke condenses and
  • We add ice covering the glass so that it absorbs the aroma and flavour of the smoke.
  • We uncover, add Mar&Juana, tonic and enjoy 🥳

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