The first cannabic rum in Spain. What is Mar&Juana?

We all know what a rum is, don’t we? “Alcoholic drink obtained by fermentation and distillation of the juice of sugar cane or molasses”, but what is a cannabic rum? and why Mar&Juana? Let’s go by parts.

What is a cannabic rum?

A cannabic rum or any cannabic drink after all consists of adding in some way components from the plant Cannabis Sativa.

Within this plant we find different varieties. The varieties with low content in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), psychoactive substance, is commonly called hemp. The varieties with THC are those to which it usually refers with “Marijuana“.

As it is a subject of which it is possible to write long and tended we will make another article explaining the differences and the different cannabinoides that we can find in the different varieties. 

For now the important thing is that you keep that our drinks do not contain any psychoactive substance. The variety that is used is hemp and are totally legal and fit for human consumption.

In MAR&JUANA ORIGINAL we obtain a natural contribution of the aroma to this plant. With it we obtain that so special aroma that characterizes us.

In MAR&JUANA INFUSED we make an infusion with the seeds of the hemp plant to get to contribute the beneficial components as the CDB (One of the most powerful medicinal compounds of the cannabis plant), omega-3 and omega-6.

Why Mar&Juana?

Mar&Juana is the first cannabis rum in Spain and the first with cannabis aroma in Europe and was born to offer a different experience with unique color, aroma and flavor. 

mar&juana cannabic rum
Bottle of Mar&Juana

A sweet but low-sugar drink produced from organic matter.

The best distillate of sugar cane produced in Europe coupled with an intense aroma of cannabis with background of mango, incense and lime. Ideal to mix with neutral soda and sugary drinks.

A drink with a craft essence, handcrafted manufacture and unique details. A sustainable product, created with organic materials and packaged with recycled and/or recyclable materials. In short, a unique and innovative experience in the sector.

If you want to know how we came to rediscover the authentic sailor’s liquor we leave you the article where we explain how Mar&Juana was born.

Responsible Hedonism

At Mar&Juana we believe in responsible hedonism. This is drinking a unique drink and unmatched healthier and more respectful of your environment for that:

  • Our drinks contain much less sugar than a drink of similar taste and alcoholic strength.
  • We produce artisan using traditional means in a family still in Madrid, with local and organic ingredients.
  • The labels are made of paper extracted from surplus sugar cane and hemp, being 100% sustainable.
  • Our packaging is made entirely of recycled or recyclable materials.

All this is Mar&Juana, if you would like to try one of our bottles before the official launch, take a look at our instagram account where we have an active draw of bottles.

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